Our offerings

We can support you at each stage of your project:

  • The expression of your needs: workflow analysis, specifications, recommendations,
  • The implementation of your project: development, deployment, training,
  • Production stage: maintenance, support, evolutions, training.

Partnership contract

This structure allows you to implement your projects seamlessly by being supported at each stage, from case study through production.

Included services are:

  • Upstream: existing workflows analysis, specifications and recommendations,
  • Implementation: development, deployment,
  • Project lifecycle: maintenance, support, evolution.

This specific contract helps us build a true partner relationship rather than a customer-supplier relationship. That is the formula which will ensure the success of your IT projects.

On-demand services

In case your needs are not covered by the partnership contract, we also propose on-demand:

  • specific developments,
  • training, consulting, expertise,
  • remote or on site support

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