E-learning mobile application for Peugeot

12 weeks long training of all sales representatives of Peugeot France, Peugeot Belgium - Luxembourg and Peugeot Nederland for the launch of Peugeot 208.


Development of a mobile and connected e-learning application allowing to get real time information on the current training session. The chosen solution is based on a tablet application connected to a server application through WIFI.

The tablet application delivers training materials and contents as well as evaluation forms. At each stage of the training session, the user answers are sent to the server application.

The server application provides trainers with training interactives materials (animated charts...) real time updated by the trainees progress.

The server application also allows to monitor at any time the trainees progress during the training session and to edit recap documents at the end of the session.


  • Development of the mobile application with AIR for Android,
  • Development of the server application with PHP 5, AmfPHP 2 and MySQL 5,
  • Deployment of the application on a fleet of 300 SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab GT-P7300,
  • On-site maintenance during the training period.


  • Adobe AIR
  • Apache Flex
  • Android
  • AmfPHP
  • PHP
  • MySQL
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