Open Source Flash & HTML5 CMS

The Open Source Flash & HTML5 CMS.


Silex allows to edit sites directly within an Internet browser (WYSIWYG).

It's free, open source, manages SEO of its contents and can be used to easily publish multimedia content on the Internet.

Silex is developped and maintained Silex Labs which proposes a set of templates, themes and plugins for Silex.

With Silex:

  • Designers can quickly create the templates they need,
  • editors can easily update their contents,
  • developers can add any new functionnality thanks to the plugin system.


Development of open source parts of the CMS:

  • development of the updater plugin allowing to update a Silex instance with all its plugins/themes/skins/(...),
  • contribution to the plugin system development,
  • development of the GDHosting plugin allowing to host medias and pages of a Silex site on Google documents,
  • development of several core functionnalities like an arithmetic filter for the command interpretor...


User profil: graphists, integrators, developers.

Licence: MIT (open source)



Source code:



  • Silex 1
  • Adobe Flash
  • HTML5
  • PHP
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